How not to make a video blog:


Slightly better but I still sound like an ass:



Bole Mikael was the area we stayed in:




Shame on us but we took a weekend off and we boarded an Ethiopian Airlines flight to one of the most amazing places I have ever been. Lalibela is a Unesco World Heritage site and it was truly a privilege to have been able to visit. I have a ton of videos and photos that will paint a better picture than words ever could.

The first is of our plane landing. Who knew Ethiopia could be green? Also it was my first time landing on a piece of tarmac in a field. It was very exciting to me.

St George’s Church:

The Lalibela Landscape:

Main St, Lalibela

The Market, Lalibela


The Weaver, Lalibela


Mekennon gives his feedback on the Camara Education project:


I’m posting all these videos retrospectively as it was proving impossible to upload them in Ethiopia. Of course this means i have had extra time to cringe watching them. I’ve gotten so many things half right and just plain wrong but I’m posting them anyways.

Here is another video where I warble on about the courses we were teaching. The other course names were in fact ICT & Classroom Administration and ICT in the Classroom. I’ve asked the girls to write a post telling us exactly what their courses are about as I was a bit vague in this video.